Portfolio Category: WordPress

PHD Academy

This company underwent a full rebrand with Satellite Six.  This site really took advantage of a complicated, yet easy to use front end component system I created.  Each section of each page has easily editable content, uses default content from theme settings, and can be turned on/off with a checkbox.  It makes for a simple yet robust front end experience for the sites editors.

  • Designer: Baxter Bauer
  • Agency: Satellite Six
  • Developer: Darren Sopiarz

American Ice Co

One of the very first custom sites I’ve built.  It started with a static desktop design, and ended with a fully responsive website I built.  Plus, I developed this cool ice calculator for them, which was a lot of fun!

  • Designer: Ben Stroinski
  • Agency: Satellite Six
  • Developer: Darren Sopiarz

WI Sheep Dairy Coop

WSDC wanted a new image, and a new website.  I was able to take a design and turn it into the responsive website they both deserved and desired.  I also created a small catalog plugin that linked products back to their e-commerce site, while keeping a positive first impression from the new brand identity.


Imagineering underwent a brand identity overhaul.  I again was thrilled with the opportunity to turn the new design into a fully responsive website.  They also requested a custom solution to managing services, so I created a plugin that allowed them to manage their services easily, while enjoying the benefits of a dynamic front end experience.

7 Rivers Alliance

A WordPress rebuild and redesign that required me to build a custom theme.  Also, there was a custom masonry based filter feature for the home page news filter as well.

Service First

A unique redesign and move to WordPress that earned some design awards.  Their entire brand identity was updated and I had the pleasure to help build it with WordPress.  The project was my first experience in mentoring a junior developer, and they did a good job.  Due to client feedback I ended up needing to rebuild parts of it, as well as building a custom payment portal plugin that integrated with their 3rd party payment gateway.

Disclaimer: The site has gone through some management changes recently, so my work may not be represented accurately anymore.