Portfolio Category: Custom Theme

Stucky Chiropractic

Stucky has been a great chiropractor in the area for quite some time.  They went to Satellite Six to get the websites design and development done.  It was one of the first mentorship and joint development projects I’ve done.  It started with me building some of the basic functionality in and getting the site ready for custom front end work.  Then I gave the junior developer an idea of the direction of the design, and some tips on writing certain types of component code as well as how to use tools like SASS.  They ended up building most of the site, with me assisting along the way.  The project got handed back to me where I tied up some loose ends and put on the finishing touches.

Overall a very fun project, I learned a lot about mentoring junior developers and showing them the ropes, as well as providing technical and helpful feedback.  Stucky was very impressed with the end result, which is one of the driving reasons of why I enjoy doing custom front end development.

PHD Academy

This company underwent a full rebrand with Satellite Six.  This site really took advantage of a complicated, yet easy to use front end component system I created.  Each section of each page has easily editable content, uses default content from theme settings, and can be turned on/off with a checkbox.  It makes for a simple yet robust front end experience for the sites editors.

  • Designer: Baxter Bauer
  • Agency: Satellite Six
  • Developer: Darren Sopiarz

American Ice Co

One of the very first custom sites I’ve built.  It started with a static desktop design, and ended with a fully responsive website I built.  Plus, I developed this cool ice calculator for them, which was a lot of fun!

  • Designer: Ben Stroinski
  • Agency: Satellite Six
  • Developer: Darren Sopiarz

WI Sheep Dairy Coop

WSDC wanted a new image, and a new website.  I was able to take a design and turn it into the responsive website they both deserved and desired.  I also created a small catalog plugin that linked products back to their e-commerce site, while keeping a positive first impression from the new brand identity.


Imagineering underwent a brand identity overhaul.  I again was thrilled with the opportunity to turn the new design into a fully responsive website.  They also requested a custom solution to managing services, so I created a plugin that allowed them to manage their services easily, while enjoying the benefits of a dynamic front end experience.

7 Rivers Alliance

A WordPress rebuild and redesign that required me to build a custom theme.  Also, there was a custom masonry based filter feature for the home page news filter as well.