Portfolio Category: Custom Plugin

American Ice Co

One of the very first custom sites I’ve built.  It started with a static desktop design, and ended with a fully responsive website I built.  Plus, I developed this cool ice calculator for them, which was a lot of fun!

  • Designer: Ben Stroinski
  • Agency: Satellite Six
  • Developer: Darren Sopiarz

WI Sheep Dairy Coop

WSDC wanted a new image, and a new website.  I was able to take a design and turn it into the responsive website they both deserved and desired.  I also created a small catalog plugin that linked products back to their e-commerce site, while keeping a positive first impression from the new brand identity.

Service First

A unique redesign and move to WordPress that earned some design awards.  Their entire brand identity was updated and I had the pleasure to help build it with WordPress.  The project was my first experience in mentoring a junior developer, and they did a good job.  Due to client feedback I ended up needing to rebuild parts of it, as well as building a custom payment portal plugin that integrated with their 3rd party payment gateway.

Disclaimer: The site has gone through some management changes recently, so my work may not be represented accurately anymore.

Sculpture Tour

For this project, I built a custom plugin that handled adding sculptures, artists & awards.  It also had custom fields that allowed each to be linked together and easily edited.  Then, for the front end I added a filtering option that used a masonry Javascript library for display.


Chemceed’s site was static, so every page for products, categories, etc had to be updated & organized manually.  I built a custom WordPress plugin that allowed them to fill out some simple custom fields, set categories, etc so everything the front end was dynamic.  The theme was also custom built to match a redesign done by Baxter at Satellite Six.

  • Designer: Baxter Bauer
  • Agency: Satellite Six
  • Developer: Darren Sopiarz


Weigh Rite Scales

I built a custom catalog to categorize, filter, and display their products.  Uses an AJAX plugin to integrate real time filtering, and hand crafted code to add product post type and categories.  I also updated many parts of their custom theme, integrating the custom plugin features on the front end.

  • Designer: Ben Stroinski
  • Agency: Satellite Six
  • Developer: Darren Sopiarz