Stucky Chiropractic

Stucky has been a great chiropractor in the area for quite some time.  They went to Satellite Six to get the websites design and development done.  It was one of the first mentorship and joint development projects I’ve done.  It started with me building some of the basic functionality in and getting the site ready for custom front end work.  Then I gave the junior developer an idea of the direction of the design, and some tips on writing certain types of component code as well as how to use tools like SASS.  They ended up building most of the site, with me assisting along the way.  The project got handed back to me where I tied up some loose ends and put on the finishing touches.

Overall a very fun project, I learned a lot about mentoring junior developers and showing them the ropes, as well as providing technical and helpful feedback.  Stucky was very impressed with the end result, which is one of the driving reasons of why I enjoy doing custom front end development.