Example: Homepage

This is an example home page for an optimal layout and user engagement experience.

A prophecy once read:

One day, like the phoenix arose from the ashes;
A theme will be crafted for a purpose in the world.

This theme will go on to improve from the experiences it creates.

While maintaining it’s strengths in the markets;
It becomes a great theme, and in time, will fulfill a projects destiny!!

Cheesy description of the PheonixPress Theme, by dsthedev

The contents below only serve as suggestions, and is intended to only be used for reference. Every website should have it’s own unique homepage tailored to the content users need, as well as the purpose and goals of the site’s owner(s). For instance; this very page is a simple collection of content blocks in a progressive and typical order.

General Homepage Checklist

  • Small & high quality animated logo in the top left area, capitalizing on negative space
  • Simple, descriptive, responsive, recognizable, easily navigable & accessible main menu
  • Immediate, meaningful, visual oriented, focused, relatable & honest hero section
  • A headliner to invoke understanding, continuity, self-interest, using a professional and clear message
  • An accented, prominent, actionable, first person voiced, highlight of suggested next step

Note: The checklist above contains raw HTML to display icons from the included free version of the incredible FontAwesome library.


Give users a short, succint, and to-the-point introduction, followed by a few optional collections of items, such as:

  • Portfolio exhibits showcasing a service, product, case study, etc.
  • Recent blog posts, if they contain regularly curated and pertinent content.
  • A grid or custom-designed display of custom content object types; for example:
    • Products or services
    • Awards
    • Profiles
    • Events
    • Testimonials
  • Evidence of social involvement or influence
  • What will the viewer ultimately get out of using this website?

Keep in Touch

Returning users is usually a positive metric to work with, so provide users with a way to contact, submit, subscribe, or communicate with in general.

Resources & Search

Finally, more advanced users of a website will typically try to find a specific page or area of content quickly. This is best achieved by providing useful resources that will take users directly to commonly requested pages.

If a user cannot find what they are looking for, a search function should exist to allow for narrow and broad results to be produced.

Additional Information

If the content above still isn’t enough, place additional content on the home page as the project requires. Here are a few examples && ideas:

  • Keywords
  • Short Stories
  • Meta Content
  • Process Outline
  • Gallery
  • Statistics

And last but not least, here are a few questions you could ask to brainstorm home page ideas.

  • Who will visit the site the most, and least?
  • Will users have specific or general needs?
  • Is there a primary problem that can be solved with the site?
  • What are some practical and articulate solutions to other request types?
  • Will there be locked content for editors, administrators, or custom defined users?

Thank You for Reading

If you are reading this, that means that you have read all this content, or at the very least scrolled by it. I spend a fair amount of time and effort into crafting the content for this page, so as an author, developer, consultant, collaborator, researcher, and reader myself; thank you for taking the time to consider my words.

Darren Sopiarz — Creator of PheonixPress